Tournament Rules

When and Where: Friday April 26, 2024 Port Clinton, Ohio.

Format and Entry Fee: The Tournament is a (4) angler team format.  Veterans are encouraged to participate.   Entry fee is $400.00 per team.  Early entry is encouraged as charter boats will fill quickly. All entries must be received no later than April 19th 2024 with entry fees paid in full. Make checks payable to Warriors Wangling Walleye, P.O. Box 174 Port Clinton, OH 43452. Warriors Wangling Walleye is  a 501 © 3  non-profit  Charity Corp.

Boat Requirements: All boats must meet all U.S. Coast Guard and State requirements. One team member must attend the mandatory captains meeting Thursday April 25th 2024 (6:00 pm). Team captain or at least one team member must attend the captains meeting.

Need A Boat? For those wanting to fish and do not have a boat, we have a limited number of Licensed Charter Captains available who are donating their time, boats, rods, bait and tackle for this fund-raising event. There will be no extra cost for this. (Some charter boats may have two teams if needed.) Captains can fish if they are a registered wangler.    Gratuities are appreciated.

Methods: This is a DRIFT FISHING TOURNAMENT ONLY.  No means of propulsion can be used while fishing.


East Boundary: Cedar Point Light to international “C” can. North Boundary: Canadian line. West Boundary: Michigan line. There will be no landfall during the tournament hours and no contact with any other boats unless it is an emergency.

Start Time / Check -In: You may depart from any marina within the tournament boundaries. Start time is 0700 Hrs. NO LINES IN THE WATER UNTIL 0700.  The official check- in for the tournament is at the Bait House at 121 E. Perry St. Port Clinton, OH – Latitude . 41.513861 Longitude -82.940136. All contestants must be checked in no later than 4:00 PM. If you are not checked in by 4:00 PM you will be disqualified. There are no exceptions to the check in time. 

Bag Limits / Weigh – In: Teams will bring in (5) five fish to the weigh – in. Fish will be measured in length closest to 1/10 of an inch. A minimum length of 15 inches is required. If a team brings in more than (5) fish or a fish shorter the 15 inches to the weigh – in area that team will be disqualified. Keep your fish on ice any fish that look old or decayed will not be measured.

Prizes: Thirty percent of the entry fees will be earmarked for first,second and third place.

Ties: In the event of a tie in the final standings the team’s biggest fish will be the tie breaker. If big fish is a tie, then the second biggest and so on.

Sportsmanship / Disqualification: All contestants are expected to uphold good sportsmanship and courtesy toward other contestants and non-contestants.  Any bad blood between contestants can lead to disqualification.  Disqualification for any reason will result in forfeiture of entry fee and prize monies. The Tournament Directors ruling will be the final in any interpretation.

Weather: Cancellation due to weather will be decided by the Tournament Committee and charter captains. All decisions are final. If cancelled due to weather, a drawing will be held at the banquet for prize monies. Proceeds will still be donated to the specified beneficiary. 

Contact: Call Tim Larcey at 419-573-2868 if you have any questions, donations or would like to volunteer.

Disclaimer / Release: participants are required to follow Ohio wildlife laws and licensing regulations.